Purchase And Sale Conveyancing


It is widely accepted that buying a property abroad can be stressful. However it does not have to be that much if a certified licensed lawyer can help you to reduce this stress out and can take a proactive role to drive the transaction through. We aim to simplify the process for Clients by supplying practical, straightforward advice.

Communication is vital and regular updates are provided both by email or by telephone. You will never be left wondering where in the process you are or what happens next.

We pride ourselves on providing an excellent service at a reasonable price, on speed of response, quality of advice and our practical and commercial approach to technical problems.
In your first appointment with us, you will have a clearer idea if the purchase or sale deal can go through easily or if there are certain important actions to be taken into consideration or advised on and you will have a general quotation of costs, legal fees, taxes due, etc.

Whether you have decided to purchase or sale a property in Spain, “MARE NOSTRUM LAW AND TAX” will make your move stress free.
We are ready to study your case carefully and help you to ensure a successful outcome.
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